Hah. Support.

Ah! Mr. Bob!

You still on the old question! Okay!

May be because they (the MS support; no matter HOW unearthly they are!) don't know the solution I gave here! And I don't know if you would believe me or not, but I can tell, what to ask them and what not!

Now I don't know your status, but I have experienced- and to my horror- that these support personnel are the most idiot human beings in the world! Bigger the company, bigger the idiots! Names? You want names of the companies as examples? How about AMD, Intel, Sapphire, Yahoo, Logitech, Nvidia for starters!

Looks like you have not even asked a computer support engineer FROM A COMPANY, and told him that you are having some minor problem in your Windows, who replied back to you saying "why don't you format and reinstall?!"