stalling due to transmission

by jmgarland77 - 12/11/11 4:21 PM

In Reply to: In response to giggles815 and Aamco by mantonmark

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</font><span style="'font-family:" "Arial","sans-serif";'><font size="3">I have a good
feeling that my 2000 Grand Cherokee Limited stall due to transmission. When
driving if stopping sharply it will stall, but if the stop is gradual it won't
stall. I believe that the transmission is not shifting to 1st before stop
occurs. I had issues earlier where the transmission ECU malfunctioned and when
in to limp mode (2nd) I reset computer and it shifts and drives fine unless
there is a sudden stop where 90% it will stall. I've yet to call a trans shop
because I believe just like going to dentist there is always something not
perfect with your transmission or teeth.</font>
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