LG 55LW6500......owners

by bpkingcobra - 12/5/11 7:45 AM

In Reply to: LG 55LW6500......owners. by Studio-B

I've had my LG TV now for about two months. I have to say that I was very impressed with
the picture quality and 3D feature straight out of the box. Now for the CONS.

I found out that when using the Internet and
going to certain websites that require Flash, will not let you view the media - The TV will not update and therefore you cannot
view any media requiring the new Flash.
I contacted LG and they stated in writing that they are aware of the 'problem'
but there is no future update to correct this.

That is really bad - so now I have a TV with internet capability but because
certain websites like YouTube, require the new Flash update I'm unable to see it. LG refuses to release a
firmware update to correct.

I decided to get my TV professionally calibrated
through BestBuy. Although I wasn't home at
the time when the tech arrived and did his work, I found that my newly
calibrated TV seemed worse. Some of the
picture quality seemed grainy and there is more motion blur that I didn't
experience when I first took it out of the box.
Now I did wait well over a 100 hours prior to having it calibrated as recommended and
the TV programs I watched prior to the Calibration didn't show any blur before
but now do after the calibration.

to me that the built in calibration program in the TV is much better than
having it done professionally.

These are the only two problems I found with the TV.

Everything else is great!