Does Best Buy repair in house or send out?

by mjfuller - 12/2/11 7:23 PM

In Reply to: Even if you buy by Jimmy Greystone

Several years ago I took an HP laptop into Best Buy where we bought it. I had a dead modem. They said they'd have to send it off to their repair facility and it would take six weeks! Six weeks for a modem I could install myself in 30 minutes or less! My daughter was a college student and obviously couldn't do without her computer for six weeks. I mailed it over night to HP directly. They fixed it and sent it back overnight delivery within 6 days. I only had to pay to send it out. They paid to send it back. Can a teacher give up his/her computer for six weeks? I'd ask Best Buy if they've changed their ways in recent years. Otherwise, I'd never pay them for such poor service.