by cpmdave - 12/1/11 1:30 PM

In Reply to: Not sure what you mean by MarkFlax Moderator

Mark: thanks for taking the time to respond (twice!) to my question. I have perfectly good scanners similar to, but older than, the ones you referred to, and perfectly good computers. The reason for my question lies in the fact that, as an 84 year-old, it will take me longer than I have, to scan each of the many negatives, look at it on the computer screen, determine if I want to keep it, delete or store the image, and go to the next scan. I am looking for a scanner that has a screen that will give me a preview of the negative so that I can scan only those negatives that I would like to keep. I have found items like the ones shown here:
but I am wondering how good they are and if there is something a lot better that one of you photo people might recommend. I do appreciate the time you have taken to respond and I hope this clarifies my situation.
Again, thanks, and I hope someone can come up with a good idea.