ZoneAlarm has the worst second worst Customer Support

by TWB404 - 11/28/11 10:06 AM

In Reply to: All sorted! by stephencnet

That does not surprised me at all. It is always the customers problem.

When they first released the OS firewall, they locked down the temp folder so you could not install anything that needed to unzip to the temp folder to start the install. I thought this was a bug in the software so I emailed them thinking I was helping by reporting it. Remember this is the paid for version. Their response to my email was a if I no longer like the product I whould just uninstall it and not to bother them anymore with my complaints. I clearly stated in the email that I was reporting what I thought was a bug and in no way could anyone have interpreted the email as a complaint. Needles to say that was the last time I bought anything from them.