All sorted!

by stephencnet - 11/28/11 9:54 AM

In Reply to: From what I know and do... by R. Proffitt Moderator

Removed the horrible v10. and reverted back to v9.2. I intend to ignore all future messages to 'upgrade'. I love having my internet traffic monitor back, like the return of an old (& useful) friend...

You may be interested in the following. Whilst removing v10, I got a pop up window inviting a 'chat' to see why I was taking it out. Here is the official reason they told me why they had removed the monitor:-

<i>Greg K.: That (traffic monitor) was
removed. Customers had a hard time locating the ZoneAlarm icon at times
with network activity.

Honestly, some people shouldn't be allowed out without adult supervision!! plain