by TWB404 - 11/27/11 2:45 PM

In Reply to: (NT) So the not so innocent are fair game? by R. Proffitt Moderator

I always enjoy your replies. When I refer to the innocent I mean those who do not understand how the new firewalls work or even how the old ones work. That just about everything on there puter is being allowed access to the web. When I tried out the new ZoneAlarm v10 I used a program that used Open Candy as the installer at it was allowed access to the web without an alert. I also used the new Download.com wrapper and it was allowed access to the web. I was SHOCKED by that behavior and all I could think of was the INNOCENT users who do not what is happening and because of that their puter usage is being phoned home and more data is collected on them.

Now this is just my humble opinion, but is it not the job of a firewall to alert the user to this kind of behavior. That a program is trying to access the web to phone home. I find it hypocritical, for a company to claim that they are about security and then allow these things to happen.