The best way to uninstall the new version

Use the uninstall feature first. After that clean your registry. Go to the Windows folder and delete Internet logs folder. Go to the programs folder and delete the Checkpoint folder. Reboot. Then install the version you want to use. This is a wise decision.

The Internet traffic indicator is a useful tool even with broadband. It has saved me a many a times. But the main reason to roll back is to stop someone else by making decision for you. You only need 3 to 8 programs accessing the net. SVCHost which is your internet connection, One or two broswers and your chat programs. Your AV need to access to stay up to date. For me that comes to 5 programs and only 5 programs that get access.

When I made the statement that only a checkpoint employee or a fanboy would like v10 was a little misleading. I left out those who profit from someone deciding for you what gets access to the web. The true profit on the web has become from making you the product. By collecting data on YOU and what you have on your hard drive and the sites you visit has become extremely profitable. Hence the reason decided to use a download wrapper. They new that the data collected from it would boost profits. Programmers, website operators, and even your firewall and av companies have join the long list of those who spy on your puter and its usage. That is why I do not use these so called Internet Suite programs. They all have a built in whitelist. One company even brags about having 15,000,000 approved programs that they will allow access to the web. I wonder how many of these companies PAY to be on the whitelist so they can collect data on YOU.

I wish you luck and do not fall for corporate spyware scams being pulled on the innocent web users.