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by Kees_B Moderator - 11/27/11 6:21 AM

In Reply to: Is Avast called ARO2011? by jijo272

Sorry, no, ARO 2011 isn't Avast! Antivirus. These are totally different programs from totally different makers that do totally different things. on our download site tells about Avast (the free version, there are others, like the paid version, just search for that) ARO2011 tells about ARO2011.

CNET doesn't sell software, and you didn't buy it with us, so we can't do anything for you now to get you your money back. There's no more you can do than contact them and hope for the best.

Moreover, on the forums we never recommend such cleaning and optimizing programs, even if our colleagues that review it are positive.

If you don't run an antivirus I can recommend the free version of Avast!, althought you might prefer to have the extra functions of the paid software. That's up to you. See the difference and download what you want on