Wrong~StraightTalk is great, particularly for the $$$

I switched from Verizon to ST over a year ago, after reading on Clark Howard's website his strong recommendation of the service. It still utilizes the Verizon network, Android phones are now available for purchase for this network, all for $45 a month of unlimited talk, text and web. Rarely is there a dropped call (I mean, like once). My Samsung phone is great and when my boyfriend had a billing issue they called him back almost IMMEDIATELY and resolved the problem. He works in customer support for another co. and he was IMPRESSED. My only complaint is the automated 411 service. That does suck, but it's minor. I just look up phone numbers via the browser. Just because you have problems with a phone dude, don't dis the whole service. You are leading people away from a great service and company. I give 5 stars and am extremely happy!

A satisfied Straight Talk customer