1997 grand cherokee laredo

Hey girayjr. I've had the same problem as you with my 1997 jeep for a couple weeks and a mechanic said should be a major problem with the eletric system. Today the car just died and a friend of mine helped me out easely. He trashed the conectors at the battery, Put new ones, that comes a single unit per package, not a set of two, because the single ones are bigger, clean up the wires and that was it. The car is running soft and normal, as never had been in trouble and the problem was the conectors at the battery, was lose and I couldn't find it, either the mechanic. With less then 15 dollars everything is fine. Why don't you give a tray? I have had many problems but I love my jeep and I don't wanna give up on it, we are so brave. Wish you luck!
Sandra, Orlando-FL