Best answer as chosen by user cronos2525: Try This As Well....

Unfortunately, you haven't provided us with the operating system you're using, but these instructions should still help. And although the steps below might help, since you mention that only "some images" are showing the REDX problem, please recognize that it could be the website server for those images that is having the problem. Not you..

Give the steps below a try.

1. Install the newest version of Java using the instructions below. Java applets frequently are used to open pictures.:

Click on the link to Sun's Java below, then scroll down to the ''Java Platform Standard Edition JDK 6 Update 29 (JDK or JRE)'' section (YOU DON'T WANT the Java 7 download), then click on the "Download JRE" button. Follow the prompts, select the Windows platform and the "Language", if necessary, accept the license agreement, click the "Continue" button, then download the full ''Windows OFFLINE Installation'' file to your desktop,(about 15 MB), scan it with your antivirus (just to be sure it's clean). Once that's done, if you've already got a Sun Java version on the computer, open the Control Panel, double click on the ''Programs & Features'' section, then uninstall all previous versions of the J2SE Java listed there. Once that's done, then install Java JRE 6u29 from the downloaded installer.

2. Make sure you're internet explorer settings are "allowing" those pictures to be shown, like this:

Open the Control Panel, then the Internet Options icon, then the "Advanced" tab. Once there, scroll to the "Multimedia" section and make sure "Show Pictures" is CHECKED and the "Show image download placeholders" is UNCHECKED..

Hope this helps.