Only one HDMI Input Works

by msdennison - 11/12/11 4:01 PM

In Reply to: HDMI Input Issue - Only One Port Working by Muldermj

Add me to the list. Only one of my HDMI inputs were working last night. I've got Samsung LN55B650. I followed the routine of unplugging the power, unplug all HDMI cables and waiting ~ 10 minutes and it worked. What a hassle. I've got all 4 inputs filled normally.

One thing I noticed trough out the forum is a lot of us that have had this problem have a computer hooked up to it. I have a desktop type computer hooked up to HDMI/DVI 1. Wonder if this could be mor than coincidence? Seems like an HDMI signal would be an HDMI signal!

Hard to believe theres this much problems and Samsung isn't addressing it. Oh well, I guess I'll try Sony or LG next time. It's a shame because the picture quality is great, but if this becomes a frequent issue, it won't be worth it.