Instead of hijacking an old thread

by Jimmy Greystone - 11/12/11 6:12 AM

In Reply to: Heeeeeeellllppppppppppp!!! by ejcortespr

Instead of hijacking an old thread, you should create a new one in the future.

Anyway, considering you've gone and tampered with the unit you've just voided even the OOW coverage on the unit, so your only hope here is to reset the SMC. If that doesn't fix it, you probably shorted something out when you were digging around in there with some metal object. It's NEVER a good idea to stick something electrically conductive into a port where there's live current. Even if it's not enough to hurt you, it's probably enough to damage the electronics.

For anyone else who may be reading this. If you find yourself in this situation, there are two solutions which will not void any warranty coverage you have. The first is resetting the SMC. The second, is repeatedly plugging in and unplugging a set of headphones into the headphone jack. Sometimes that will fix whatever the issue is. If both of those fail to work, then the only real solution is a MLB replacement. Which is probably 50% cheaper if you don't go digging around in there with a metal object as our friend above did. In fact, if you call Apple, there's at least a small chance they'll issue a CS Code, which is a one time exception to the warranty coverage, that will cover the MLB replacement. You go digging around in there with a metal object though, and there's no way they'll even consider covering it. That's considered accidental damage, and they won't have anything to do with it.