A bunch of hooey.

by wendellwjackson - 11/10/11 5:48 PM

In Reply to: Confirmed tests by Alanra

I bought Speed Max PC. I had to call them to register and activate. The man on the phone did some trickery and told me I need this repaired and that repaired, that if I took it some place like Best Buys it would cost me around $ 250.00 and then said he could do it for $ 79.00. I declined and just ran a complete scan with the paid ($29) program. Not only did my computer not run fast, it slowed it down to a begrudging crawl. I uninstalled the program and my computer ran much better. I think they are all a con to take your money and don't help at all. Now that is merely my opinion and I could be wrong. I think one should beware of anything bought online you down load to your machine. Good luck and happy hunting. God bless