by MrPasssword - 11/9/11 2:30 PM

In Reply to: Avast vs AVG & Norton by travis41

I have my Sony laptop running Windows 7 64-bit which deals with work related information and I also use it for purchasing from the Internet. It is a very secure system. It runs avast Internet security paid for version.

Then I have my desktop which is running Windows 7 64-bit ultimate pirate version very unsafe operating system which has seen far too many unsafe programs running on it. I monitor outgoing traffic and incoming traffic because I believe it is an unsafe system.

I've run this system for over a year with no problems. The computer suddenly started taking longer to load. Something was going on. I decided to put my paid for version of avast Internet security 111109-1 09/11/2011. Turn the options all the way up PUP everything on high. Run a scan and nothing showed up. Decided to run a Boots can. Rebooted the computer and hey presto! Avast had been turned off firewall had been turned off also. I turned them all back on again and downloaded Malwarebytes and run a scan and nothing..

Rebooted the computer and avast had been turned off again.

I downloaded Hitman Pro 3.5 and it found "Dropper Trojan" in the direction of "C:\Program Files (x86)\MAGIX\Movie_Edit_Pro_15\".

Mistaken identity? As it is a unsafe operating system I wasn't that concerned and selected delete.

My computer is now functioning as normal it has speeded up again and avast doesn't turn off by itself any more.

Is this not an old virus "Dropper Trojan".