by wmberley_guy - 11/8/11 7:20 AM

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I have had them 28 days now, I had people pc for 6 years they were awful. Although the tech support is nice and speaks English 9 times out of 10 I can figure it out myself unless I need an access number or some info they know only. i am having a ton of browser issues with fire fox I thought that maybe the version I had was incompatible with Windows XP. I uninstalled the high seed for a while first. Them I changed to an older version 5.0 we'll see how that works. The proxy settings I thought may have been causing issues not sure. But firefox wouldn't load certain common tabs, some would and then wouldn't. Their tech support after a while had no clue. I found myself rebooting a lot, and running netsh cmds. to clear stuff under the run winsock reset log, flush dns that sort of thing. I didn't have to do this stuff before I got copper .net Bu tI also clicked on a Firefox update that popped up about the same time I started with them. My question is I don't know much about them other then their tech support speaks English. should I ditch the high-speed. I get a good connection speed, always have. If it's not helping why pay extra for it. Interested in suggestions please.