by stormtigers - 10/30/11 1:27 PM

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Okay well we just got ours.
More functions than I expected there to be and not always intuitive - hidden menus etc.
I am a glance through the book and off I go type of person which sometimes can work against me.
Some features not fully described in the manual that came with it but availabe in a fuller manual online.
Weird decision. Manual is generic i.e cover all 3d models so you have to work through what is appropriate for your model.

The picture is great - have noticed only occasional "wonky bits" on very fast moving images but I think some tweaking would help that. My family spent ages watching netball with simulated 3D mode and loved it. What the 2d-3d conversion does is add depth to the screen image. It does not make the players come out of the screen and half way across the room. Obviously that's not possible without the correct signal BUT some shows it works a treat giving you the feeling that the TV picture is deeper and if anything adds reality to the image.
Watching in standard mode though is great lovely clear and most enjoyable experience.

Sound is okay I guess but I run signal through a Yamaha soundbar anyway which improves it no end !
TV speakers are never renowned for their performance.

Where I have found fault is this danged plex media software that installs on your PC to stream movies to the unit.
Slow as all crap and hangs all the time.

Actually deleted it I was so peeved at it ! Have sent message to LG about it.
And the included Nero Home Media Essentials won;t run on my WIndows 7 64 bit computer - keeps error messaging -will follow that up with LG and Nero.

Personally prefer software with unlikely name of TWONKY which is a media server and works very very well.

I have a 3D movie on a hard disk I wanted to play - full SONY format Stream.
So first I tried attaching an 80GB hard disk to the TV direct with a USB cable..
Great it found the movie directory but wont find the files !

So then I tried over the network.
Great it finds it plays the movie in 3D but then spends the next 20 minutes flashing "loading" every few seconds because it doesn't seem to buffer it properly ! Very poor as this is a generic functionof the TV. What gives ?

So then I tried sending the movie through my media player.
Wooohoo it found it - plays it but nope I can't select 3D mode and end up with picture's side by side in 2D only !

This is most frustrating. Admittedly this last scenario is a 3rd party media player (Kaiser Bas) connected into the TV via component cable WHICH now I type this may be the problem. Component Cable unable to carry 3D signal ! I might go get another HDMI and give that a shot. Will add to this first look if it resolves the problem !

Overall very happy just some little annoying things - but then I bet every TV has something like that