I wasn' debating Apples marketing strategy or business model

I understand that keeping the phone 3g has its advantages to them. My point is that most people getting this phone will be doing it as an upgrade or on a new contract. I doubt those who can or will drop the full retail price are the majority. So you are saying that in those 2 years that owner will not want to be on the faster 4g network? You don't see being locked into an older technology as something that might put you out of the running for Best all around? Im not bashing apple or their technology. Had the 4s been a bigger leap from the androids that are currently available I would have preordered one as soon as I could. As it is, I decided to wait for the reviews of the galaxy nexus and razr.
My main reason for this post was to maybe get some insight as to why this phone warranted a best in class recomendation. But thank you for your response and input on the 3g vs 4g