Comments like this baffle me more than lack of 4G

by Pepe7 - 10/24/11 7:28 AM

In Reply to: Please explain your iPhone 4s rating. by jackdhammer

I'll not mince words in responding to your post. It would be greatly helpful for you to learn more about what's involved with technologies under the hood and why a business decision might be made. You should know by now that 'best' is most certainly subjective.

Understand, the 4G networks are quite new and not yet widespread, hence the (arguably) better business decision by Apple to *not* include the LTE radio under the hood with this particular subsequent version. If they did it now it would be half baked at best with more complaints than compliments based on issues with the carriers immature networks and lack of backhaul. They can just as easily profit next year when they actually match up another iPhone with LTE radio to more mature LTE networks that perform, with appropriate backhaul/capacity. It will also allow them some extra engineering time to work on the battery life issue. Right now the dual radio 3G/4G (CDMA/LTE) handsets on the market (most of them, anyway) suck battery power like a fiend. The 4S is most certainly a compromise. Keep in mind many folks don't have an issue with either the Verizon or ATT version of the 4S (or 4, for that matter). The 3G networks (redefined HSPA + as 4G, by the ITU) can perform well depending on where you use the phone/service. YMMV.