E Books

I'm sorry but to start with, why would someone pay the same price on most occasions to purchase an electronic book as compared to a paper book. I would have thought the whole thing about E book was to sell more books and with out printing them on paper which saves a lot of cash and should be passed on to the buyer. Instead, you pay $14.95 for an E Book and you buy the paper back for $15.95. What kinda of rip off is that? Sure there are a lot of books that are actually free. Most likely The Man Who Bought a Bike or She Loved Him Not. Haven't heard of these books, of course not, the whole point. You can't buy a newly published book on E Book for any reasonable reduction in price. Then you have to pay $125 to actually buy the reader. Course you can read them on your laptop but that does away with the small E Reader doesn't it. I think the publishing companies and the Electronic companies got together and said, hey, you know these saps that buy all the newest gadgets, guess what I just came up with. We can sell them books electronically, it cost us nothing and you can sell them readers to get them on and we all make out like bandits. HEHEHEHEHE!! Sorry, if I'm going to pay almost full price for a book, I'm going to buy the book or go to my public library and get the book and read it. Then I don't have to worry about my $125 electronic reader going kuput and I have to buy another one. My book can't have a hard drive failure or the battery go out. If the publishers start selling the E Books at the price of maybe half the cost or less of the paper back then it might be a good deal.