I am only considering one because I need a larger and darker font than I used to, and don't think that it is going to get any better in the future. I have been receiving shots in my eyes monthly for wet Macular Degeneration, and while my sight is slightly improved than it was when we started three years ago, it isn't ever going to get better than it is right now. The long term prognosis is to tread water as much as possible. To read the newspaper (and I read two a day) I must have a large magnifying glass to cover the page and a lot of light. I can't read letter by letter; in graduate school, I learned how to read fast by swooping down and across the page this way and that. An open set of pages takes about four good swoops. Thus, I need a magnificent which will cover the whole page. Even better will be a very large font. I can do that with my desk computer, because the screen is 22 inches across. However, it isn't convenient to take to bed. I am unsure which of the big names I will choose. I want them to settle down price wise before I decide. They will have the best features settled down before I go for one, for sure.