I finally succumbed.

by Hartiq - 10/21/11 11:01 PM

In Reply to: Poll: Do you own a dedicated e-book reader? by Lee Koo (ADMIN) Moderator CNET staff

I always said I would never buy an ereader until ebooks were sold at less thany 50p (50 cents or half a euro), they did a paper-to-ebook free swap deal for all the thousands of books I already have and someone attached some sort of finger-loop on the back to make it easier to hold.
I read a lot. My wife reads almost as much. She carries three or more books everywhere, so for her latest birthday, I found her a lovely pink Cybook Opus Bookeen thingy.
And, just as she started to get accustomed to it, and to like it, she lost thte ability to read. Brain tumor.
My timing sucks.
Chances are, she'll mever use the device.
There's hope, but not a lot. I'm keeping it handy in case she gets well enough.
And, no, the ereader did *not* cause the disease. She just didn't show symptoms for a while.