My family and I own 5 Nooks

Our oldest daughter has Cerebral Palsy and needs a wheelchair to get around. She has trouble holding physical books, especially large ones, like the Harry Potter novels. She got an original Nook as soon as it came out. Last yar at Christmas, I decide to get a Nook Color. My daughter took it over as soon as we got in the car. The original Nook got handed down to my wife, who has arthritis/carpal tunnel(?) in both wrists, and also has trouble holding big books. Our other daughter and middle child, liked the Nook Color so much she went out and got one. I guess I should mention that I'm 64, my wife is 63, and the kids are 36, 34 and 32, so we're not talking about teenagers here. We've also stocked up on both Nook & Kindle apps on 3 Android phones, two netbooks, two laptops and one desktop. This Spring my wife upgraded to the Nook Simple touch, which she loves, and this Summer, I finally got my Nook Color and the Nook to Android SD Card to make it a dual boot Nook Color/Android Tablet. I have both Nook and Kindle Apps on the Android side.
We've always been readers, but now there are no barriers. Got a few minutes, read on your phone. Know you'll have some time to kill? Take an eReader, tablet or a touchscreen netbook and and read away. Shopping for books? So easy. Want to get out of the house for awhile? Go to a Barnes & Noble store, read a free e-book for an hour over some Starbuck's coffee, then go to a restaurant to eat. Reading is not the only thing we do, but we do read a lot.