Re: 3G connectivity

by Crankypaul - 10/14/11 2:48 AM

In Reply to: Can I change the question? by R. Proffitt Moderator

My phone HAS worked relatively flawlessly in the past year. The problem now is losing connectivity. It's random, and it never used to happen. I'm talking places that always worked before. According to the AT&T coverage map I'm solidly in a strong signal. And losing the signal means I can't get it back until I reboot. Nothing else works. If I leave the phone alone it will always show the 3G icon, but the arrows are inert and if I attempt to connect, I get a "didn't connect" notice. I never see the circle with the hash mark indicating no signal, I just have grey arrows, no green or red. I've been in REAL no signal locations many times and know the difference on the screen. This shows sleeping arrows, but they never "wake up" without a reboot.