fixed my erratic touchpad

I realize this is an old post, but I've continued to have a problem with an erratic Touchpad. My laptop is an HP Pavilion dv5117cl. I upraded it to Windows 7 and maxed out the memory on it. My problem seemed to appear after I loaded Windows 7. Assuming it was a conflict between the Touchpad and Win7, I've attempted to update the driver software, with no luck. I've also played around with the sensitivity settings. Neither of these fixes seemed to help and only made using the Touchpad more frustrating to use. Tonight I simply uninstalled the Synaptics driver and am now just using the generic Windows driver. So far, so good. The touchpad is infinitely more responsive and doesn't seem to have a mind of its own anymore. It still allows me to move the cursor and tap or double-tap to click. It no longer jumps around and randomly clicks things on its own anymore. However, (not sure if it's related to the generic driver) I just noticed that my arrow keys no longer work.