1995 jeep cherokee no more sputtering still won't start

Ok, So I've been reading everyone's issue and I NOW KNOW that I am not the only one with this issue.

I had my engine replaced in May 2011, The guys did an OK job but the truck ran nonetheless. 30 days after the warranty runs out and the Jeep stops (the usual). I have a 1995 jeep cherokee, Straight 6. I moved to a smaller town so my personal mechanic in the BIG CITY is 2 hours away from me. Anyway, My jeep has sat up since June 2011 but I start it everyday to see if it will crank. I took it to two mechanics one said it was an electrical problem and I should give up and just sell him the truck, and the other said replace the engine he'll do it for 2500 or sell him the truck. (ARE YOU F'N kiddin me? I my jeep is in good condition, I just don'w know whats wrong. Swindlers) Anyway, So then the Jeep would start and run for two days and then shut off.

About a month ago Aug 2011, I would try to start the jeep but it would sputter and idle very roughly and then cut off. (I started to think it was the starter) Then it got to the point that if it did crank up and idle for at least 3
minutes then it would idle smoothly and run ok for a day or two. I Took it to the jeep dealer, they couldn't find anything wrong, because by then It started up and ran ok and told me that they changed my battery cables. WELL, three days later it died and would not crank. So a few weeks went by and I kept checking my battery that I bought last year (oct 2010) and there was water on it (I'm wondering where the water is coming from). I would clean it off try to start the jeep and nothing, but a bunch of sputtering, rough idling and it was making a "machine gun" sound LOL. This went on for about two weeks.

I took the battery to advance auto and the battery was so low that it couldn't even be tested, they also said that it was leaking acid and had no juice. So I had the battery changed (cause I kept my receipt and got a new one no charge). I put the new battery in and it worked for two days and went back to not turning over when I try to start it, BUT, it does not sputter now and no more machine gun sounds. YAY!

So now when I try to start the car up, It appears as though it wants to start but it doesn't. on the gauges the battery level is almost gone and it may start for 1-3 seconds and then shut off, or it may not start at all. The engine light JUST started coming on, it wasn't doing that at first. Someone told me it may be the fuel line/ pump or the fuel injectors need cleaning and maybe I need an O2 sensor, (where is that located anyway) Well I can't get it started to get that checked, so I used fuel injector cleaner and it worked...the car ran for one day. And then after that I tried it once more with the injector cleaner and the jeep started but only for a few minutes.

Someone has tried to steal my jeep, they popped the door locks and have exposed the key ignition but I guess the security protect system stopped that, cause they didn't get it. I don't think that has anything to do with it, but someone in a previous post mentioned it, so I wonder since I replaced my engine, could it be locking up on me.

Cause I really don't know. I try to start it, but it does not start or it will start for 2-3 seconds and then shut off. When I took it to advance auto they did a free check and said my battery was good (it had better been, it was brand spanking new) the starter was good and the alternator was good. OH, I also noticed that if I run the air conditioner the Jeep will cause it to cut off and it wont run the next day. (well, that's what I think is happening, It's not something I can isolate.) and now my air conditioner is running hot as well.

Sorry so long of a post, but what do you guys suggest? I know that the Jeep service guys can't figure it out and this is the Closest I've been to getting an answer. I'm gonna follow all of the easy suggestions that I can get to, that everyone has mentioned while waiting for a response.

Thanks in advance.