thanks for the info - Samsung came through for me too

by Loopy_68 - 10/3/11 10:33 AM

In Reply to: Samsung came through!! by akamax_

I was pretty disappointed when the first black horizontal line appeared on my Samsung 50" Plasma; it was only 15 months old. After the first call to Samsung (the regular customer service line) they of course told me there was nothing they could do since it was past the one year warranty period.

I'm glad I stumbled across the comments on this site, as I then escalated my problem to Samsung ECR and after telling them how disappointed I was, that it was a known defect, not acceptable, etc. they agreed to replace my TV. I called every week to both get and provide updates - new black horizontal lines continued to appear - 4 in total.

It took a five weeks from my first call to when I got my new replacement TV yesterday - a 59" 3D plasma. Wow, I am impressed. Let's hope this one lasts more than 15 months.

Thank you to everyone on this site for providing information on the Executive Customer Relations line; I would have given up otherwise.

Just a note to Canadian customers: call 1-800- SAMSUNG, register your complaint, then ask for escalation to ECR (I tried to call ECR diretly from one of the phone #'s above, but you have to go through the Cdn customer service site first).