by jan_cnet - 10/1/11 11:56 AM

In Reply to: "PC" by R. Proffitt Moderator

My cell service, Computer Cellular, says that their system requires an AT&T compatible system with a sim card. I want a reasonably fast cpu (1.5 up) with at least 64gb of memory and the ability to connect to my windows desktop pc. I want to be able to run Word and Excel or Open Office. I would like a camera. I will only use the phone for talking as I do not text, Twitter, or other social network. I would like a sd or similar card slot. And I would like the total cost to be under $500. There are so many devices out there that I am overwhelmed with trying to analyze their capabilities. I want a device that is a pc first with a phone second and a camera third. If you could point me to 2 or 3 devices, I and compare the details myself.

Thanks, Jan