Lemon Law

by brbra26 - 9/26/11 5:10 AM

In Reply to: 2011 JGC Overland by ncscooby

2 weeks after I had purchased the car, the above incidents occurred, but I had the engine light appear. I took it in 3 times thereafter, all within 1 month. The last time, I had to have it towed in and that's when it turned on by itself twice during the tow!!!!! I had about 1300 miles on it at that point. The dealership kept it and tried to figure out the problem, I had a rental on them. I contacted the Chrysler Customer Service/Lemon Law people during this time as I was worried and anxious this car would not or could not be repaired properly and didn't want it turning on in my garage and doing damage or asphyxiating my family! That is when the dealership called and told me that they were working with Chrysler. After the computer replacement, and ignition system replacement, I have now had a "normal" jeep for the past 5 weeks. I continue to keep my fingers and toes crossed, however! (The shame is that this is my 4th Grand Cherokee.. I drive them to about 95,000 miles, and have never had a problem like this. Good luck, and I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you too).