2011 JGC Overland

by ncscooby - 9/25/11 12:54 PM

In Reply to: Electrical problems by brbra26

We started having the problems you described with our Overland a week ago. Only 350 miles on odometer. Battery warning light came on in the morning after the Jeep had been sitting in the garage over night. had it checked at dealer, checked battery and error codes. Nothing showed as a problem. Next night, driving home from work, all f the warning lights appeared, radio shut off, and the wipers suddenly came on and you could not shut them off. This lasted about a minute, then all was quiet except the battery warning light. When did you involve the Lemon Law lawyer in your process? In NC, the car is a lemon after 3 unsuccessful attempts at repairing the problem. Then you bring in the lawyer to arbitrate.