SAME Problem!

by Cyrusgq - 9/23/11 12:40 PM

In Reply to: Windows Mobile, not Windows... by John.Wilkinson Moderator

I have an HTC HD2 with Windows Mobile OS.

My phone JUST did this to me like 2 hours ago. I was using it fine...I have to unlock it every time I use it and the phone was in my hand the whole time. Obviously never changed my password, otherwise I would have known the code. But anyway, the password just spontaneously changed on me. I tried to unlock it and it would not accept the password any longer (the computers are taking over! *-.-*)
Frustrating as you can imagine with all of the contacts and files that are NOT saved on the SD or SIM card. I took out the battery, SD card, and SIM card just to see if that was the problem. Still locked out. Unfortunately after reading various threads....I'm afraid I may have to wipe this baby clean. If so...I think I'll just have Droid installed on it.

Is there anything I can do aside from kicking the bucket on my OS and loosing all of the stored data along with it?