Contempt for technicians or whatever they are.

Yes I do have contempt for technicians that tell me one thing knowing that it's most likely something else and then charge me $1000 or more to not fix the problem when it's most likely something like you said: in a bundle full of wires with bad insulation that was an engineered design flaw from the inception of the vehicle. Especially when it's a technician at the dealership that sold me the vehicle to begin with. They know the real story as to why these GC's are having problems, but the first thing they want to do is throw a new PCM at it and hope above all hopes that it sticks. That's nothing but a load of CRAP in anybody's book,not to mention unethical, and down right dishonest. So if you fall into that category and it pricks your conscience to have the truth spoken, then that's your problem and not mine. My problem is having a car that doesn't run right, even though I paid to have it run right when I bought it for over $35K from a company that knows that they are the ones who screwed the pooch.