Well kudos to you for finding your drain plug

How would you like to be told when you bring the vehicle in that for us to be certain we fix a well known problem as it surfaced in YOUR vehicle we're going to have to tear the entire wiring harness out and rewire the vehicle? How about a guesstimate of $5k, and get in line as it may be a week or two?
You seem to have a lot of contempt for service technicians who are really at the mercy of the corporate machine behind Jeep who would never be expected to admit the entire design, if not more so the execution, of the system was faulty. Having a fragile PCI bus with sensitive low voltage square wave inputs routed all over a vehicle in bundles shared with 12v wiring with substandard insulating material, looming and careless routing in areas subject to cyclical movement, heat and vibration is a recipe for literally endless possible scenarios for failure and symptoms of.
So you have a multitude of problem areas in the vehicle which can cause shorts OR opens and depending on where in the bundles that happens, will cause temporary conditions OR failures in a multitude of PCI bus connected modules, and multiple issues at once makes it even harder to isolate. Do the math, that could mean thousands of different scenarios for the technician to isolate a precise fix on.
That's what's going on here and it should be obvious to any real technicians by the bizarre assortment of problems people have experienced, many claiming they had "the fix". Only one person did I see offer "the fix" that could be applied to all and that was from user CarSqwerty who may lack a bit in the spelling dept. but that's irrelevant as he certainly seems to have automotive skills.
He essentially went over the vehicle with a fine tooth comb after having full comprehension of what was causing this and identified potential trouble areas that had known issues or could turn into them.
The technician you bring your vehicle to can't do that and you wouldn't want to pay him to, and is left sticking to flow chart troubleshooting as provided by literature from the factory. That doesn't make him a rip off artist or ignorant, but IMO the latter is inherent to harsh criticism lacking knowledge of the complexity of the task he faces finding how it has specifically affected each vehicle that's brought in.
Combine CarSquerty's experience with the data in Jeepkid1's posts and it's pretty clear what the story is here. You can chase down fixing the symptoms as they occur, paying dealers to replace modules which may or may not even be bad, but without mitigating the underlying issues in the wiring harnesses they and others will continue.
(FWIW I was an avionics technician in the Navy trained to do micro wire bundle repair in F-4 Phantom aircraft back in the 80's, and have made part of my living doing car stereo installs since so have a litle experience- including plenty of head scratching)