Hmm that's strange.

by MarkFlax Moderator - 9/22/11 12:18 PM

In Reply to: Cannot Uninstall Windows Live by abigail65

I never asked as I assumed your system is using Win 7. Is that right? If not, what are you using? XP doesn't have "Program Features" but instead has "Add/Remove Programs", and so the screens will be different.

Are there any other problems on this system?

You said in your first post that you "Cannot uninstall windows live", but from what you say it has uninstalled, all of it, (it says "Done!"). Did you want to uninstall just some components and leave others?

Do any of the Windows Live Essentials shortcuts still appear in the Start menu? If so what happens when you click on any?

If WLE has uninstalled but you want it back, have you rebooted, (restarted), the system and reinstalled it? If not that might be worth a try.