Samsung D550 with new C6000 series "Smart TV"...ya right!

by Floo420 - 9/14/11 9:22 AM

In Reply to: Samsung HW-D550 Sound Bar by XQS2FLY

I have the same issue with the sound bar and it not controlling the volume and the power of the Samsung TV mounted several inches above it. I can not believe that Samsung has made it so difficult to get such a simple feature to work. I am not sure if they want you to purchase the "Super Smart" remote or not but I would highly discourage anyone from buying Samsung TV's or soundbars until they get their systems talking together.
Simple questions:
Why can the sound bar have the same IR programming as the TV so that one remote automatically works with both units without having to use the Anynet+?
How do they design two units in the same year that don't talk....for a smart tv and a fairly advanced company they are way behind in making the systems work properly.
Further to that anyone who thinks that the streaming content is going to work wirelessly should do some research too, that function is useless. Even when the TV is run via an Ethernet cable it stalls playing 1080P content.

Anyone who gets this system working please let me know.