Same issue another solution

Not sure if this will help out anyone as this seems like a very old thread. I selected the full document cells and went to format cells, Protection Tab, and I just unlocked the cells. It then allowed me to set the repeat row per page. Also my Permissions is set to unrestricted access.

Issue originally started with Office 2010 (she said she typed out all the data herself), and I worked it from 2010, 2007, 2003. All versions had the issue with this document. After making the change to the locked cells, it allows me to use this option on any Excel document. I didn't save the document, and I am able to edit it in all versions now from the original. I think the issue was she sorted the information to accending and it had some type of lock on the cells. Don't know how I am able to edit Repeat row per page option, when I didn't save it.

I could not find the option mentioned above that pointed out any tables to me, and I didn't have a Table word wrapping issue.