Samsung TV SAGA and net book

by malimu - 9/12/11 2:58 PM

In Reply to: Samsung service in ottawa ontario sucks by malimu

i called the service samsung in ottawa canada.. the reception dont even know whenthe service is available.. one date given was changed to the next as the first agent was wrong as they do not service this area other than once a week or so! the day fixed by costco on line help where it was bought was likely a guess work by costco or the agents.. i wish i did not buy a samsung product! imagine when you spend some 2000$ on good tv to suffer this non sence.. just a year old TV ! who knows the final outcome.. may be i bleed more when the tech comes..wait and see will keep posted.
Samsung netbook purchased just 100 days ago has explorer and or system crashes. buyers be aware.. samsung dont help if it is soft ware related they ask you to go to miscrosoft.! now this is amazing! i will no longer buysamsung product as it stands now.. i wd rather buy Dell in PCS and other brand in TV. my son bought me one week agobefore big tv crashed a samsung 32 inch tv.. well it is going back to the store as i am able to send it back!