had the same problem, but found a way

by mtale - 9/7/11 12:29 PM

In Reply to: i cant make mipony run. it will not run at all. by darthcdrx

Hi, I already had this problem 3x also with mipony and last 2x I completely lost all the information, the solution I then found was to create new user account and mipony would run on that user account, but you would loose all previous information.

this happen again this week for me and again I had hundreds of files on download list, and I really needed that information at least!!
After much research I found a way to make mipony work again after that kind of crash I had (mipony has stopped working) and somehow to recover the information of the files that were in the download list.

to make mipony work again you have to (on windows 7):
. start - type run on search program and files and then enter
. type %appdata%/mipony and OK
it opens a folder

if you DELETE all files on that folder mipony will work again, BUT you will loose all previous download queue

HOWEVER to somehow recover that information BEFORE you delete all those files you can try and open the file linkList with the wordpad and inside is all the previous information you had before (download list, queued files and links and complete files), save that information in any other folder!!!!!!!
then if you want to try and download them again, delete all files like I said and once mipony is working again place all those links on add links (copy paste)

That is the only way I found to solve my problem.

hope this helps someone in the same situation I was..

mipony support team needs to give more attention to its users.. honestly, I also had no reply from them

stay well.