Sorry to tell you this.

by powderpuff2364 - 9/7/11 7:30 AM

In Reply to: LG had something by Jimmy Greystone

Jimmy, I am sorry to have to tell you this, but, telephones, on wristwatches ARE available, TODAY. They are just not priced for the average purchaser. I saw them, in use, on one of those primetime news shows.

As for your reply, I believe that you MIS-understood the question.

I was NOT asking if telephones could be placed into watches, I was asking about caller I.D., alone.

My entry was asking if any company might sell a wristwatch, which had caller I.D. built in.

Reason: I thought it would be easier to be ableto look at ones wrist, to find out who is calling. My entry said nothing about answering the phone. It was about having caller I.D. at ones finger-tips.

I apologize for my entry not being clear enough for your to understand it, easily.