shellyrobbins problem

by GC_Addicted - 8/31/11 2:57 PM

In Reply to: 2003 by shellyrobbins

Sounds like the exact same thing as what my 2000 JGC is doing. I was told it was either the crankshaft position sensor or the PCM. I opted to change the crankshaft position sensor myself and it only cost me the time and $25 for the part. Thought that had done the trick until 300 miles later it shut down on me again. Mine hiccuped, jerked and the gas guage and dash indicator lights did the same thing as yours. Finially I figured that enough was enough, so I threw in the towel and had it towed to the local Jeep dealer. They put their scanner on it and at no cost to me it came up being a bad PCM. Parts and labor roughly $795. I decided to park it next to the house and drive my truck until I got the money to fix it. I've been told that you can get a PCM for around $50 from a junkyard. If it comes off the same year and model with the same engine, transmission etc as your GC then it will have the same program and you can change it out yourself or have a local mechanic do it for you.