How to deny users access to hard drives

by SourzzPc - 8/31/11 12:23 PM

In Reply to: how to password protect hard drive? by waldenellis

I'd just like to share some info on stopping access to hard drives.You could deny users from accessing certain hard drives by right clicking on the drive n selecting properties>security>edit>Add>(from here enter the name of the user you wish to block)>check names>(if you are not sure of the name click>Advanced>Find Now{on the right}>look for the name>OK.then OK select the user and tick the boxes under 'Deny' according to what you want the other users to see ect..>click OK...a window might pop up asking you are sure ect click OK (if you are sure)..and that's can log in the other users and try to open the drive and you should get a message saying "access is denied"..hope this helped happy