2nd Failed Samsung Plasma

Have the same issue.
9 month old PN50C8000YF.
Removed the back and reseated all of the ribbon connectors. Did not resolve the issue.
Started with 1 line. 3 weeks later I have 5 lines total.
The issue is with the Panasonic boards the ribbons are connected to.
I called support since the tv is still under warranty.
They seemed aware of the issue as of now, and are fixing for free.
I hope they replace it with a better board this time. not the same faulty Panasonic POS.
After a lot of research. This is a common issue with LCDs and Plasmas across all manufacturers. If not black horizontal lines, you can also be rewarded with rainbow vertical stripes. Also known to happen to Samsungs
This is due to the Chinese and Korean parts currently in use today. Oh how I miss the days of Japanes parts and tv's that lived for 10+ years.
All electronics companies just rebrand the the same hardware. Most of the boards and parts for all manufacturers are made in the same Foxconn factory in China.

My 42" Samsung Plasma started bleeding large amount blue background after 14 months of use. I thought 1 failed Plasma would not result in 2, but I was wrong.
Lesson to be learned. Purchase an extended warranty through the reseller when buying tvs, cause you will need it, regardless of manufacturer. Maybe a little more with a Samsung.