Report: Verizon Employee Forges Customer's Signature

by Gary Dunaier - 8/22/11 8:42 AM

In Reply to: Bad VERIZON Customer Service by rogersummerlin

The Consumerist has an account of a Verizon Wireless employee forging a customer's signature in order to complete a sale. Read this:

After my card was run through, I was asked to sign. On the signature pad, there was a paragraph stating that by this point I should have received a paper copy of what I was signing up for. My signing, I was agreeing that I had read and understood the document.

I asked the employee for the document and he said that I needed to sign first, even though it clearly said the complete opposite. He then changed his story and said the printer was broken. At this point I decided to cancel the transaction as I was not being provided the proper documents.

The employee then reached over the counter, grabbed the stylus, and signed the pin pad completing the transaction. I was shocked! Did this person really just sign for my credit card in front of me?

The entire article can be found here.