Keyless entry system problems

by brbra26 - 8/21/11 5:50 AM

In Reply to: 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee overland W/ Hemi by armyvet1957

I just purchased a 2011 GC about a month ago. While driving, all the lights and wipers began going crazy. I pulled over and restarted the engine. All was silent. The dealership told me to bring in my keyfob as that may have been the problem. Did that. A week later, it wouldn't open my car...I had to try the emergency key...the alarm went nuts. Dealership said to bring it in. I used the spare fob in the meantime... 3 days later, IT wouldn't work and worse, the emergency key would NOT turn the ignition. There I was with a honking car and I couldn't drive it! The tow guy (who had to be called) told me when he met up with me at the dealership, that the car had turned itself on twice on the tow dolly!!!!! The car has only 1800 miles on it... HELP? Lemon???