They won't

by TWB404 - 8/20/11 6:39 PM

In Reply to: And btw... by jeremy.collake

I think you and mstickler are beating a dead horse. CNET must be struggling in this economic environment and have decided to introduce spying on there user and installing toolbars to up the bottom line for a brief period of time before they have no one but newbies who's AV does not alert them to this secure installer. Check out this link and look at how the moderator tries to lay the blame on the toolbar being install, his home page and search engined changed on a web site he visited.

It is clear by what the user type that the changes took place before he visited the web page and it was the changes that caused him to visit the page. The moderator uses WOT as his reference for saying the site is unsafe and caused his problems. I looked up the site using three of the top AV companies and all three said the site was safe. I was not sitting at the user puter when these things happened so I can say for certain what happen but it is my believe his problems were caused by CNET secure installer.

The worst part of it is that the moderator wanted me to start another post so he could clean up that one. Clean up what. The fact that I used 3 of the top AV companies to rate the site the moderator blamed for the problem and all he could find was WOT. If your not familiar with WOT it is a site that is not affiliated with any AV companies and they rate sites by how users vote on them. I will let you decide which one you would trust.

Then to make matters worst he accused me of hacking the post. All I was trying to do is point out that 3 top rated AV companies rated the site the user went to was safe and I did not think that it was the site but the CNET secure downloader that install a toolbar and change his home page and search engine.

By referencing WOT and blaming a web site for the problems demonstrates just how locked in they are to this new revenue generator and they really do not care if we go else where.