There is a work-around

I was having this problem with my Charge as well<span>. I found a small app in the Market called ICS Bot 2 which seems to add incoming meeting requests automatically to my Google Calendar on the phone. After installing, meeting requests are automatically added to the calendar just like they would be in Outlook. In order to accept or decline the request, you have to open the item on the calendar and there is an option to indicate whether you are attending or not. When you select your response (yes, no or maybe), Gmail generates an email response to the requester. It's a clunky workaround, but at least she can accept appointments without having to <span>manually enter them in her Google calendar. The one thing it doesn't seem to do, however, is delete rejected appointments from the calendar...that you have to do manually. Google really needs to release a fix for this issue - I just switched from a Blackberry to the Droid Charge last weekend, and this has been one of the only two disappointing things I've found with this otherwise awesome phone. I used my BB with Google Calendar for everything and the integration was pretty much seamless. The other issue is that it won't connect to the Bluetooth in my car, and between that and the calendar problem, I still haven't decided 100% if I'm going to keep the phone. I'm at about 90% right now because it's just such a cool piece of technology, but still.