Um, not quite...

by buxtahuda - 8/17/11 5:55 AM

In Reply to: re: Changes to Downloads by CNET_Gregg

"When you initiate the download,you will encounter a single offer for additional 3rd-party software, which is clearly disclosed and provides the option to accept or decline the offer before proceeding with the download."

No. No, that's not what happens at all. It's certainly not clearly disclosed as the download pages look just the same and don't put up any noticeable banners to inform us of this change. At least when I download something now, it just downloads that unwanted CBS Interactive junk automatically with the name of the program I want in the document name. And there's nowhere to decline the junk, without accepting the ToS Agreement anyway, and I'm not accepting ToS for something I'm not using and don't want.

So, thank you for years of a useful service, but I will now have to completely swear off this site and its newly-found tactics which I consider no better than spamming.

Don't know why y'all had to go and mess with a good thing.