stopzilla scam

by alanhefner - 8/15/11 1:44 PM

In Reply to: So what you are saying is by MarkFlax Moderator

i have fallen for the fake scan bs before and i have since used c-net as a trusted source for software whether it be free or not. i believe this is more bs and if it is not i think you should change your sales tactics. i was successful in uninstalling it as far as i know but you can never tell whats lurking in the system until it rears its ugly head. i wish i did read more of the reviews before i downloaded it because now i think the good reviews i read were planted there. i do think c-net should do something to prevent this type of extortion from tarnishing their good reputation. in the past i have recommended cnet to my mother and many others of whom i think are technically challenged and needed a trusted source of software and information. now i have to tell them to beware. now i feel challenged myself and will definitely be more careful. how many fake scanners are there out there that use the same tactic? if this is a legit program no one in their right mind would go through the "registration" (sale) portion of the install. you can get fake "free scans" all day long and they all find malware that you need to buy their programs to get rid of. take your scam off cnet angry